Pentax K-3 – Hands On First Impressions

Pentax K-3 + DA18-55WR

I was fortunate enough today to be treated to a seminar on street photography by Damien Demolder, Editor of Amateur Photographer Magazine, by Ricoh-Pentax, and Park Cameras.  As well as this, one of the UK Pentax reps was there with a demo model of the … Read more

Pentax 18-135mm DA DC WR

This lens represents a significant upgrade on the 18-55mm DA kit lens. Infact, I would say they are not really in the same league.

I decided to go for this lens as part of a K30 kit mainly due it’s versatility combined with its weather resistant (WR) capability. What use is a WR lens if you have to swap it out for another one to get the shot? This way I can go walkabout in all climates, have good versatility and be confident my equipment is well protected.

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