Mounting a Speedlight into a Umbrella-box Light Modifier

I recently wanted to augment my available flash modifiers, seeking a modifier with more directional light than the shoot through umbrella I normally use, but that was also larger than the 24″ softbox I also have available to me.  However rather than buy a bigger softbox, which comes with transport issues, I decided to go with an Umbrella Softbox, or Brollybox.

However it is more than a little difficult to figure out the right way to mount a brollybox and speedlight combo with the equipment we have access to in the UK, and I’ve found instructions/success stories online to be difficult to find.  Therefore, I thought I’d share my own experiences, and equipment list for anyone looking to do the same thing.  So for starters, here is the equipment list:

Walimex 109cm Brolly-Box (Available from

Umbrella Mount with L-Bracket (Available Cotswold Photography on eBay)

Studio Stand (I use one from Cotswold Photography, but you can also get them from Amazon)

The L-Bracket mounts onto what is a standard umbrella bracket, modifying the plane of your flash from vertical to horizontal.  The Walimex umbrella works excellently with the mount above, allowing a full range of motion, and meaning you can get the umbrella nice and close to the flashhead, allowing it to be enclosed inside the umbrella box.

Heres a setup shot as an example:

BrollyBox Flash Mount


I’ll post back when I’ve captured some shots in anger with this particular modifier.  Hope that helps you get your own brollybox up and running!